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Our primary goal is to deliver superior risk-adjusted investment results through multiple market cycles.es-barr-rombus


At E. S. Barr & Company, we firmly believe the best way to generate exceptional investment returns over time is through steady compounding.

A key component of this strategy is avoiding significant loss of capital. If we cannot find attractive investment opportunities immediately, we will patiently wait until they become available. We only purchase when the market price offers a wide margin of safety versus our estimate of intrinsic value of the business.

Portfolio composed of our best ideas.

We seek to invest in companies that fit our discerning criteria. Our disciplined approach dictates our portfolio construction. Our portfolios generally hold 25 to 35 companies, not necessarily equally weighted, aligned with our investment philosophy. By focusing, we ensure we will not “dilute” our best ideas by over diversifying.

We are opportunistic and flexible.

We will look for attractive investments across market capitalizations and geographies. We are always learning, but we also recognize the limits of our circle of competence. We only invest in businesses we understand and whose prospects we can evaluate.